Morphometrics Support Code

Various R scripts and functions for morphometrics data collection and analysis (complement for geomorph)

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On this page you can find R scripts that perform various functions for morphometrics data collection and analysis. They are usually to be used as a complement to geomorph R package.

1) Read in multiple Morphologika Files that each contain a single specimen and combine as a 3D array read.multi.morphologika.R

2) Read in NASTRAN (.nas) file of a volume mesh into R and make as 'mesh3d' object to be parsed to library(rgl)read.nastran.R

3) Source file to batch convert ASCII ply files to ASCII stl files and to write coordinate data to SPHARM's .landmarkAscii file (SPHARM ( is a software application to perform 3-dimensional spherical harmonic analyses of triangular mesh surfaces (Shen et al. 2009 Evolution). SPHARM R support code.R